This conference brings together significant investors, managers, and service providers who are all very active in the PE and VC sector.

We are hosting this conference at the offices of OMERS in Toronto and have very limited capacity: maximum of 100 persons, of which we assume will be 50 investors (pensions & family offices predominantly)


  • September 27, 2023
  • 10:30 am – 5:00 pm ET



100 Adelaide St W #2100, Toronto, ON M5H 0E2

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Agenda 2023

Day 1

  • September 27, 2023
  • 10:30 am – 5:00 pm

  • September 27, 2023
  • 10:30 am – 5:00 pm

Day 1

10:30 am


11:00 am

Looking Over the Valley

All investments have times when valuations challenge one’s underlying belief in the investment thesis – but that could be the most appropriate time to keep one’s will and possibly add fresh funds to the opportunity. Our panelist have broad experience in venture and will provide a perspective on the current market as well as offer ideas that can be best capitalized upon while others might be in a sort of panic mode.

Thomas Kalafaits,Hullwright Advisors
Robert Guo,
Sixty Degree Capital
Alex Luce,
 Creative Ventures
Mark Maybank, Maverix Private Equity

11:45 am

Adding PE & Venture to Your Portfolio

We have assembled a group of individuals who have a great deal of experience in allocating to alternate investments over a great many years. This panel will allow them to explain their motivations for allocating to alternatives, how they position these opportunities with their clients, and how they perform initial diligence and ongoing monitoring on the investments as well as communicate to their clients. What is happening with their hard-earned money.

Tom Johnston, iCapital Network
Ida Khajadourian,
Richardson Wealth
Craig Machel, Richardson Wealth
Francis Sabourin, Richardson Wealth

12:30 pm

Lunch & Keynote – A Fireside chat with Senia Rapisarda and Marie-Claude Boisvert

Every market goes through turbulence from time to time and private equity and venture capital are not immune. Markets and investors have vacillated between FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and FOGA (Fear Of Getting Annihilated) in the last two years or so but, as the saying goes: this too shall pass. Join us for a fireside chat with two titans of the industry whose longitudinal view of these markets will provide insightful perspective for all attendees – not to mention the opportunity to hear their views on what investors should be doing now to position their portfolios for the next market phase.

Marie-Claude Boivert, Sagard Holdings
Senia Rapisarda, HarbourVest

1:30 pm

Now Talk – Unlocking New Horizons: Tokenization and digital assets within regulatory frameworks

Emerging technologies are reshaping the landscape of investment portfolios and activities while ensuring adherence to regulatory frameworks — particularly blockchain — can serve as the foundation for regulatory compliance with these alternative opportunities. This talk will delve into the benefits of tokenization including: enhanced liquidity, reduced friction, and increased accessibility to previously inaccessible asset classes, while emphasizing the pivotal role of blockchain technology in establishing regulatory compliance.

Vincent Kadar, Polymath

2:00 pm

1:1 meetings

Your opportunity to connect with other delegates.

Meetings can be scheduled beforehand with our messaging & meeting app or simply occur organically on the spot.

3:00 pm

NowTalk – ODD: Obstacles to yes

Sophisticated investors leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding opportunities. Sometimes that involves lengthy plane trips to far-off places to meet with investors, managers, and even target companies. Other times, it involves hiring either local folks in another jurisdiction or sending their people across the globe to live in a target country. This panel will talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of spending the globe for one’s investment portfolio.

Esther Zurba, Castle Hall Dilligence

3:30 pm

Principal Investors Discuss Venture Capital

Venture teams such as those at single family offices and pension plans each have their unique way of looking at the world and investment opportunities, which might be presented to them. When it comes to venture capital, this is possibly even more true, because, especially in the case of family offices, the patriarch/matriarch are still firmly in control, The families have in-depth knowledge in a few industries, such as the ones that they may have made a fortune in. Pension plans’ team composition obviously is a determining factor in their ability to source, diligence, transact, and exit deals over what might be many years. This panel will illustrate some of those preferences in action, and how these principal investors access venture, through funds, and with direct or co-investment transactions.


James Burron,

Mathieu Larochelle, Trans-Canada Capital
Ian Morley, Wentworth Hall Consultancy Ltd
Spencer Clark, Richter Family Office

4:15 pm

End of conference

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