Privacy & Referral Policy

We value your privacy. The Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets (“CAASA”) NEVER shares your contact information (e.g., email, phone)with any third party (including speakers and sponsors) except in the following circumstances:

– You are employed by a CAASA member and have submitted this information on your new member application or subsequently otherwise and noted your approval to publish in our Member Directory and other publications.

– You have explicitly approved an introduction or asked to be contacted by any relevant party.

If either of the above are true, we may refer to CAASA members (aka reverse solicitation) if ‘downstream’.  Downstream means an investor seeking certain investment strategies or asset class professionals/companies; investors, investment managers, or start-up founders seeking service providers, or investors; investors or asset managers seeking start-up founders, or start-up founders seeking service providers.  CAASA makes no warranties nor guarantees that a referred party is appropriate for the referred and the latter is encouraged to conduct their own due diligence before engaging the relevant party.

About single family offices (SFOs): CAASA will also never release the individual nor company name/affiliation of anyone with an SFO within our database unless they are a public member of CAASA.

We only provide our Member Directory document via pdf sent directly to the reader – it is not available to the public on our website.  The Member Directory page on the website is only accessible by members of CAASA.

Regarding lists of attendees for any of our events:

The attendee list of smaller events such as socials and panel discussions may be distributed to CAASA members upon demand only upon completion of the event – and only company names will be included – without individual names nor titles.  We do not provide attendee company lists prior to the event for any reason but we may relate the types of attendees. Either disclosure is at our timing and preference as assembling these lists can be time-consuming.

Attendee lists are accessible (without contact information) for our larger conferences via our messaging & meeting app for the relevant conference.  We open access to the app about one week prior to the event and close it about one week later.  We do not provide an Excel or any other listing of attendees and only registered attendees have access during the above-mentioned window.

SFO individual and company names will NEVER be included in attendee lists.  We simply state the number of SFOs that attended.  One can always find the SFOs who are speaking/participating in the event program or event page on our site.

Thus, any emails from third parties or purportedly from CAASA or on our behalf offering attendee lists for any of our conferences should be ignored.  These lists are not held by anyone else and one should pass these solicitations on to CAASA staff to form part of our Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL, more information here) case against these entities.

And, by registering for events and emails, you give CAASA access to your personal data as entered in the forms. CAASA may use this information in the future for communications regarding events and initiatives that we believe are appropriate to your professional profile. You may unsubscribe from our emails and all communications by clicking on the unsubscribe button on our correspondence or by contacting Paul at [email protected].