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CAASA aims to provide as many resources possible to promote growth of the alternatives industry, continuing education and thought leadership articles.

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Topics and investment opportunities featured in these courses focus on alternative investments such as hedge funds, liquid alternatives, private equity, private lending, real estate, infrastructure, cryptocurrency, venture capital, and other Alternative assets and strategies.

The platform features content from the CAASA podcast, webinars, panel sessions and select conferences. Certain CAASA members have also provided their webinars and podcasts for inclusion.

Canada Digital Adoption Program

Many of our members have made the transition to digital over COVID but there is still more to do (always!).  We’d like to introduce you to a Government of Canada program that can get much-needed know-how and cash to you to make the most of your offering to clients.

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (link: offers a technology grant to eligible Canadian for-profit companies (sadly, not for CAASA) of $15,000 in order to get you what you need to know to increase sales, reduce costs, better manage inventory, or whatever will make your business work better.  This is a grant = free money, to allocated to a consultant vetted by the GoC to provide you with ~$15,000 worth of services. Any additional costs are up to you.

It also includes up to $7,300 in a wage subsidy to hire talented youth to make this program happen for you (we can refer you to schools that would love to source that for you).

Also, you have access to up to $100,000 of 0% interest 6-year credit/loan supplied by BDC – it’s 1 year of deferment and then 5-year repayment schedule. NO FEES are payable for this loan.

Reserve your spot to hear all the details of this quality GoC program that can make a difference in your business in 2024!

Programs & Scholarships

A part of CAASA’s mission statement is to provide opportunities for those in the Canadian alternative space to further develop their skills and expertise in all things alternative.


View our collection of programs from our conferences and signature events. As well as our annual publications and primers on alternative strategies.

CAASA Podcast

Where we explore global and Canadian markets in alternative investments from two distinct perspectives.