CAASA Alternative Perspectives 2023


Positioned opposite our CAASA Annual Conference, this program is built for institutional investors and all others as we showcase the talent of alternative managers in our usual, carefully-thought & curated fashion. This will be replete with firesides, NowTalks, panels, and special sessions for all.

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End Investor means single family offices, and Investment Advisors in the HNW space. Intermediary investors means Multi-family offices and investment consulting companies and +1 means the first delegate is gratis but each additional delegate attracts a small charge. Manager and service provider delegates must be CAASA members in good standing and pay the requisite per person fee for their appropriate sub-category. Core service providers include prime brokers, fund administrators, and accounting and legal firms.


  • June 5, 2023
  • 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm PST
  • June 6, 2023
  • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm PST


Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel
Room block available – Contact Alexis at [email protected] to make arrangements

999 Canada Pl #300, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B5


Distinguished Speakers 2023

2023 Agenda (work in progress!)

Day 1

  • June 5, 2023
  • 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Day 2

  • June 6, 2023
  • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

  • June 5, 2023
  • 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sponsor, Speaker, & Investor Boat Cruise

5:00 pm

CAASA’s Hospitality Suite

Join us as we kick off the evening with hors d’oeuvres and CAASA’s signature cocktail

5:45 pm

Depart Pan Pacific Hotel

Transportation will be provided

6:30 pm

Boat Departs from Granville Island

Mingle with fellow sponsors, speakers and investors over dinner and take-in the sunset views

10:00 pm

Boat arrives back to Granville Island

  • June 6, 2023
  • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Main Day

8:00 am

Breakfast & Registration

8:15 am

Fireside Chat – An Update on China

More than two years ago, Clocktower penned a piece entitled “China’s Three Traps & Macro Trilemma” detailing the geographical, demographic, and middle-income traps that plague China, as well as is macro trilemma of a highly leveraged private sector, assertive geopolitical aims, and having a manufacturing-led economy. This talk will re-visit this paper (available here: and provide as update and possibly new prognosis.

As well as hear from a Single Family Office and how they view the opportunities outside of North America more attractive.

Wei Liu, Clocktower Group
Michael Danov, SBP Management

9:00 am

Investors Allocating to Alts

Alternatives are finally seen as less…alternative – and more a must-have for portfolios that seek high risk-adjusted returns as well as those who simply want to have an opportunity to either (i) have higher overall returns, or (ii) lower volatility and shallower troughs, both due to the benefits of low-correlation assets.  But how are real investors looking at their portfolio and finding alternatives to fill the gap? This panel will give the audience an glimpse into how many types of investors source, diligence, and size their allocations to alternative strategies & assets.

Joshua Leonardi, TD Prime Services LLC

Tec Han, Vibrato LLC
Yasir Mallick, UBC Investment Management
Bondi Kwa, BCI

9:45 am

1:1 Meetings & Morning Refresher

5 x 15-minute 1:1 meeting

11:00 am

Institutional-Grade Venture

If there is one area on investing that is even more steeped in intrigue and assumed insider information (of the legal sort) than private equity, it is venture investing. Many fund managers/venture capitalists claim to have special relationships, insights, or processes that allow them to access ‘the best deals’ and fund ‘the best founders’; still others provide access to ‘the best funds’. Investors in this space are offered a myriad of options, yet determining the efficacy of a manager/VC is not straight-forward. These panelists will share what they see in the horizon and what investors need to know before investing in the space.

Jessica Wang, INP Capital
Alex Luce, Creative Ventures
Prateek Alsi, Tribe Capital

11:45 am

Real Estate at the Crossroads

Long-hailed as a truly long-term investment portfolio component that can help ameliorate the effects of inflation (thanks to its ability to increase in price as well as increase rents during times of higher prices), real estate can get investors into trouble in times of rising interest rates. Cap(italization) rates take time to adjust to higher prices, and this can put real estate yields in an unfavourable light compared to more liquid options such as government and corporate bonds – leading to a lower price sought by buyers. Investor stress might also be heightened as valuations might fall (as just described) and/or monthly debt-servicing payments increase along with rising borrowing rate. Where is the market now? Hear from this learned and experienced panel to find out!

Travis Forman, Harbourfront Wealth Management

Aly Damji, Forum Asset Management
John Courtliff, ICM Asset Management
Devon Cranson, Cranson Captial


12:30 pm

Lunch & Keynote Fireside

Scott Wong, InBC
Kenndal McArdle, Pender Ventures

1:45 pm

Sponsors’ Table Talks

This session is aimed at providing all event attendees with the ability to join in genuine knowledge exchange and discussion in a small group setting.

Sponsors and topics to be determined and displayed here.

Choose from 2 x 25-minute round table discussions

2:45 pm

NowTalk – Digging out from Under-Funding

Under-funding of pensions is a well-worn weakness of many plans that have over-promised in terms of benefits or investment returns. This has reached perhaps nightmarish proportions as some plans are distributing to retirees up to 12% of their assets each year – and the trend is for this to accelerate vs. ameliorate. Our speaker will give a briefing on the PBGC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) which is tasked with ensuring that these pensions are funded and provide for the millions of beneficiaries that have or will come to rely on their payments to meet their needs.

Guy Pinkman, Presidential Appointee, PBGC Advisory Committee at Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and Trustee, City of Lincoln Nebraska Police & Fire Pension

3:15 pm

An Industry in Flux: Credit and Lending Markets & Investments

Investors have witnessed the multi-decade and inexorable descent of interest rates snap back in violent fashion over the last year or so. Many say they saw it coming, since inflation (brought on by money-printing) was undoubtedly going to require central banks to raise rates, but how many positioned their portfolios to account for this eventuality and how did they fare? This panel will discuss how investors and managers fared, why their returns were what they were, and what investors can do now to prepare for the next leg of the credit cycle.

Heather Hart, Wells Fargo

Daniel Child, YTM Capital Asset Management
Vadim Margulis,  Alignment Credit
Brad Wise, Cameron Stephens

4:00 pm


Reception for all delegates

6:00 pm

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